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Deposit and Credit card Information:

A deposit amount £200 + rental price + optional extras will be held on the main driver’s credit card for the duration of the rental. The deposit will be automatically released if there is no theft or damage during the rental period. In case of theft or damage to the rental vehicle, you will be liable for up to the excess amount and the standard vehicle insurance policy will cover the rest. If you have purchased insurance from a third party an excess will still be required by Budget. The main driver must have one of the following valid credit cards under his name: Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Club and American Express. PIN number will be required. No other form of payment will be accepted. 2 different credit cards are required for car groups Van, Full Size, Estate, Luxury and Premium. Visa Debit will be accepted (numbers must be embossed), except for car groups Van, Full Size, Estate and Premium. In the event that you fail to present a valid credit card or lack of sufficient funds available on the credit card to cover the excess, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. In these instances, no funds paid will be reimbursed.

Useful Information

Included in the Price:

• 20% Tax

• Airport Fee

• Breakdown assistance is included for mechanical failure only.

• Unlimited mileage

• CDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and Vehicle Theft Waiver (TW) with Excess. (Not included: Tyres, Roof, Undercarriage, Glass, Wheels, Rear view and side mirrors, Windows, Hubcaps, etc. Please check with the Car Rental Provider on arrival).

• Third Party Liability: Covers you in case you cause damage, including passengers and their property, when using the vehicle (unlimited cover).

• One-way has been added to the price quoted online and payable at the counter, only applicable for One Way Rentals.

Fuel Policy:

Your vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. To avoid incurring fuel charges you will need to return it full. You may be required to leave a fuel deposit reserved on your credit card that will be released when you return the car full. Missing fuel will be charged on your return along with an administration fee. The price per litre charged by the rental agent may be significantly higher than the price at the local service station.

Rentals in Jersey: all Vehicles are supplied with approximately half a tank of fuel. Refueling charge of £5.29 (incl tax) applies to vehicles that are returned empty. Fuel is charged at local Jersey rates and charges vary according to the type of vehicle and length of rental.

Cross Border:

You can use the vehicle in the following countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You are not allowed to use a vehicle, rented in England, Scotland or Wales, in the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Vehicles may be taken to other countries if Continental Cover is purchased.

Continental Cover provides the necessary documentation to prove insurance cover, together with 24 hour breakdown assistance whilst overseas.

Continental cover is available to purchase at some locations at time of rental for any travel within the continent. Vehicle must be returned to UK Mainland or additional one way charges will apply.

Please contact the branch 5 working days prior to travel for details and to arrange. The following details are mandatory: Number of people travelling in the vehicle, names of all drivers, countries to be visited.

Charges: 1-7 days: GBP 90, 8-14 days: GBP 126, 15-21 days: GBP 156, 22-28 days: GBP 216. Chrages include VAT and exclude any additional premium location fees that may be applicable.

Cross border is allowed to the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Balearics, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Corsica, Croatia, Cyprus*, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibralta, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland**, Romania, San Marino, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey in Europe, plus Uskudar

*Geographical areas under the control of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus. ** Cover is not required if visiting Northern Ireland.

If you are using the Dartford Crossing (tunnel or bridge) there is a charge you will see advertised before and after the crossing. For ease of use and peace of mind, Avis will make this payment on your behalf automatically. A £2.50 fee, which includes all our administration costs, will be charged to the payment card registered to your rental within 14 days of using the crossing.

It is the drivers responsibility to provide any compulsory vehicle equipment for driving abroad.

Excess and Liability:

Groups Mini, Economy, Compact and Intermediate have an excess of £1000.

(Standard, Full Size, Van, Estate and Premium have an excess of £1500.

In Jersey, group E has an excess of £1200.

Budget's Optional insurance:

Super Collision Damage Waiver (Super CDW): By purchasing this cover, the CDW Excess is waived. The prices of the Super Cover will vary depending on the selected car group and rental duration:

Groups Mini and economy: £26.49 per day with a maximum charge of £264.90 (incl tax).

Groups Compact and Intermediate: £28.50 per day with a maximum charge of £285 (incl tax).

Groups Full Size, Van, Estate and Premium: £32.50 per day with a maximum charge of £325 (incl tax).

Personal Insurance (PAI): £4 per day with a maximum of £40 per rental. Please ask for more information at the desk.

Windscreen cover: £6 per day.

Road Assistance (Road Safety Net (RSN): £5 GBP per day with a maximum of £50.