Santander - Airport, Spain

Pick-up type:

Terminal rental counter and pick-up

Supplier details


Santander Airport, Santander, 39600

Opening Hours
Mon08:30 - 13:30
15:30 - 18:30
Tue08:30 - 13:30
15:30 - 18:30
Wed08:30 - 13:30
15:30 - 18:30
Thu08:30 - 13:30
15:30 - 18:30
Fri08:30 - 13:30
15:30 - 18:30
Sat08:00 - 18:00

Special equipment/optional extras:

WiFi Access: 22.99 EUR per day. Maximum 299.9 EUR. Includes 21% tax; On request GPS: 20.57 EUR per day. Maximum 205.7 EUR. Includes 21% tax; On request Ski rack: 60 EUR Includes 21% tax; On request Infant child seat: 16.94 EUR per day. Maximum 101.64 EUR. Includes 21% tax; On request Child toddler seat: 16.94 EUR per day. Maximum 101.64 EUR. Includes 21% tax; On request Booster seat: 12.1 EUR per day. Maximum 72.6 EUR. Includes 21% tax; On request Snow chain set: 60 EUR Includes 21% tax; On request Special equipment/optional extras may be requested at the time of booking, but they are not included in the rental price. They are paid in the local currency at the rental desk.

Useful Information

Driver's age

25 to 79 years.

Customers who fall outside the age limitations will not be able to hire a car unless there is a young or senior driver fee specified in this section. Please note that if applicable, this fee will be included in the rental price and will be payable on arrival at the rental desk in the local currency.

Travel Restrictions

Vehicles may only be taken into the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal*, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland .

*When driving into Portugal please purchase a temporary electronic toll tag at the border in order to drive on Portuguese toll roads.

Groups G5, N1, P1, R5, S5, U5, Y or Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, convertibles, cargo vans and any vehicle from the Dream and Prestige Collection must not be taken into Italy.

Vehicles cannot be taken from the Mainland to the Islands, out of the islands, from one Island to another one, from the islands to the Mainland or into the Ceuta and Melilla Spanish enclaves.

You are not allowed to take the vehicle on any ferries. Should you use a ferry and be in any kind of accident, you will be held responsible for all costs including repairs and repatriation of the vehicle. If you have purchased CDW/TP/Super Cover, all coverage will be null and void if you choose to travel on a ferry.

Should you bring the vehicle outside Spain, a Cross Border fee of € 16.00 (including tax) will apply except for customers on business contract rates (CR).

Please note a penalty charge of € 600.00 may apply, should you omit to declare you will be driving the vehicle out of Spain.

Should these restrictions be ignored all insurance (Third Party Liability, CDW, TP, PAI, Super Cover), if accepted, shall be deemed, null and void. The driver will be held fully responsible in case of accidents and will bear all consequences, including the cost of repatriation of the damaged vehicle.

From 1 January 2021, Customers renting a vehicle in the United Kingdom will not be allowed to drive into any other European country and vice versa so it won’t be allowed to rent a vehicle in Spain to drive it or leave in the United Kingdom.

You cannot drive, park or deliver a vehicle hired in Spain in the UK. If we have reason to believe that you have brought our vehicle into the UK without being entitled to do so, this will be a breach of our Rental Terms and Conditions and all insurances (Third Party, CDW, TP, Super Cover, PI), if taken out, will be invalidated. The driver would be fully responsible for any damage to or loss of the vehicle and would have to pay all consequences themselves, including the cost of repatriating the damaged vehicle. You will be charged £1,980/€2,317 as liquidated damages to cover the costs incurred in repatriating the vehicle. With respect to the above liquidated damages amount, you are at liberty to prove that no damage has been incurred or that the damage is substantially less than the liquidated damages amount.